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I was chatting to a friend of mine yesterday about his role, and just how frustrated he was with it. He explained that although he knew he was being treated unfairly, and felt like he was being used, he decided to stick it out and give it a chance. He said, “it’s like a bad relationship, where she’s not even good looking, I know it’s wrong but I’m sticking with it in the short term anyway.”

Now ladies and gents, that’s the kind of man you want right?? Right. A guy that’s going to stick with you even though you’re treating him like crap and stick by your side. Well, give you a chance for the short term anyway.

But is that the way you should treat your job or employer?

Like all of us, I’m sure we’ve been through this exact situation. Where things aren’t quite feeling right, but we either chose to stay and push through or quit and know it’s not enough for us anymore.

Are jobs like relationships

But, it got me thinking.

Do we treat our jobs and employers like we would a relationship? Do we exert the same type of behavior when pushed to our personal limits?

And should we?

I want you to think about how you operate in your workplace….

  • Are there similarities in how you behave in the workplace and in your personal life?
  • Would you think that you could be judged in the workplace, just like you’d operate in a relationship?
  • Is there anything you’d want to change about this behavior?

For me, when I was younger, if ever I got bored regardless of in my workplace or relationship I’d seriously consider leaving (or just leave) and not stick it out. Not give it a chance. I would lose patience, not feel like I’m getting ahead or progressing quickly enough and move on.

Now that I’m older and wiser (lol), I’m completely different. I’ve noticed that in both relationships and work, I’ll stick it out, better communicate what’s happening for me and ask for what I want but be patient with it all. Of course, if it’s still a terrible environment or option, then I’ll move on but I’m more willing to give it a go and work with it.

But again, should I be treating my workplace the same as my personal relationships? Or is work simply a black and white contract and if it’s genuinely not working, then move on.

LOVE your thoughts on this one.

Happy Friday Hussalers! x






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