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Girl Boss

There’s nothing better than reading about an Entrepreneur who has gone from having nothing, to building an amazing fashion empire all from passion, bloody hard work and savvy business decisions. Go girl!

Here’s the top 10 things I learned from reading Sophia Amoruso’s story in #GIRLBOSS.

1. Starting something is just as good as writing a full business plan. The lessons you learn along the way, is just as important as having an end goal (and sometimes having a strict end goal can limit your ability to see greater opportunities).

2. Don’t be friends with your direct reports. The biggest point here was that those who report into you could start to lose respect of your position and not deliver as you need them to. Keep it separate if you can.

3. Your past failures, is what creates future success. Even if you feel like your past experiences have been a complete failure, these skills or experiences will contribute to your success – nothing is a waste. You might not be able to see it now, but trust that they will. Just read this book, amazing example of this happening.

4.  Always listen to your customer. It sounds so simple, but it’s true. Ensure you keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to your end customer and what’s important to them.

5. Treat your money like your mind, don’t waste it. Make sure you save your money, it always feels and look better in the bank than on your feet.

6. Keep the right people working for you. Business is business, sometimes you’ll need to remove the people who aren’t right to keep your business moving forward. This takes courage but a good #GIRLBOSS will see this and take action.

7. Always be humble and nice. Even if that means getting your “hands dirty” and doing the basic jobs sometimes, never think your better than your peers.

8. Think outside the norms when it comes to displaying your level of competency or drive. On your resume or interview, saying you were working two jobs is just as impressive than being head of a committee.

9. Life is short, don’t be lazy. Success IS hard work, and a lot of it. Make every second count.

10. Be yourself. Make sure you’re working in a company or your own business that resonates with you, you’ll always shine and succeed more that way.

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