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Want a bit of inspiration? Something to pump you up? Here’s what’s inspiring me at the moment and hope it does the same to empower women just like you. If your favourite book, group or inspiration essentials aren’t listed please share this with me.


the climbThe Climb

A very relatable book about true stories of Australian women in power. Their wins, lessons and confronting stories about what it took to get to the top. Ever find yourself the only woman in the room? Yep, give this a read.

Renegade Collective

A magazine designed for those who challenge the status quo, do things differently and features entrepreneurs who success has been on following their passions and dreams. I can’t wait for this mag each month. I’d love to be in this mag one day. Make sure you have your post it notes and highlighters ready to go!

Want more information? Check out their website.

Connie Chapman

Want a life coach to help you understand yourself better and get inspired at the same time? I recommend Connie. I did her 90 day transformation program online, and loved everything about it. I’m someone who constantly loves to develop and improve personally, so I’ve found she really helps you be more honest with yourself and be a better person from the inside out.

Want more information? Check out her website.

Nice girls don’t get the corner office. Ouch.

Sorry but it’s true. I’ve recently enjoyed this confronting book which tells it like it is. This practical book is a huge help if you want to develop a specific area to be a better business woman. Armed with loads of examples, and helpful tips, you’ll be quick to learn how you can improve your actions to get the results you want (and deserve!) in your workplace. Most mistakes we make are actually unconscious, and can kill your career. Ever wondered why no one hears your ideas? Or why men tend to get the promotion over you? Read this book!

Get your copy now.


Sheryl Sandburg – Forbes #6 Powerful Businesswoman

Get fired up. In Sheryl Sandburg’s book Lean In, she touches on critical areas that can impact a woman’s ability to get to the top. Everyone’s experiences are different, but for me she hit a few cords which got me fired up and more motivated. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. When you read it you’ll know what I mean. If you have a spare 15 minutes, I also recommend watching her talk on Ted. The book is better though, so get your hands on it when you can.

Watch her Ted talk here.


She Says Events

There’s a lot of women’s networking events happening now, but I’ve found She Says events are very down to earth and honest. Although these events are targeted at women in creative and marketing areas, at these events they discuss various topics to help you be a better business women and will have speakers who have been there, done that. And of course, it’s great to meet other like minded women who you may like to do business with.

Want more information? Check out their website.

Love talking about new ideas and entrepreneurs? I can’t get enough!

Check out Entrepreneur. This monthly mag that comes from the US, discusses key start ups and Entrepreneurs who are killing it in their fields. It’s inspiring, and it always gets me thinking about what my next big idea could be. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most profitable. I also find it helps me in my workplace, constantly thinking outside of the square. Things move too quickly not to be savvy and entrepreneurial regardless of where you work. On their website, they also have short videos if you are time poor.

View more information here.