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For those who have come back to work, with eyes on a promotion, new role or complete career transitions, I have one piece of advice for you…

Act like your next role

Act like your next role.

As a Manager, you do notice when a staff member lifts their game and they almost start to do your job (it’s a great thing)! They proactively seek new challenges, advice, go above and beyond their role and build their own plan for self development within or outside of the company. Why not, we’re all here to progress and do what we love right?

What isn’t great, is when you know someone wants a career transition, or promotion and they just….wait… expecting it to just happen. And as a Manager you feel like you’re investing more in them, than they are in themselves. It needs to work both ways.

If you are genuine about changing roles, and there are gaps in getting there, then sit down and map out a plan on how you’re going to bridge the gap. Be proactive and be realistic. If you are someone who is currently waiting around to be noticed… or get that meeting with the owner or executive, that’s not #girlpower honey.

You need to prove you can do it, without hesitation. And it’s not all about experience, a lot of it is building your own competencies to demonstrate you can do the job and are ready for the career transition. For example being a quick learner if your going into a new industry, you’re proactive if your next role involves managing the schedule of the busiest woman on the planet, you can easily problem solve tough issues, or you openly bring new ideas to the table about how things can be improved.

If you’re stuck on how you can progress and you’re struggling to act like your next role, first step is to be real with yourself. Ask your peers for honest feedback (colleagues you trust) and split it into competencies vs skills.

And then once you’ve established where your gaps are then look at doing one or a combination of the following:

  • Invest your own money in courses for your personal development.
  • Proactively prepare a plan to bridge the gaps, and get feedback from your Manager or Mentor that you might have. Maybe you could start to take on different tasks or attend meetings you might not of previously attended to give you increased exposure.
  • Could you be on a committee?
  • If you’re looking to change industries, look at work experience on weekends or after hours.
  • If it’s a change in departments, maybe ask to shadow someone and provide support to the team for a while.
  • Buy a self development book.
  • Register to networking events, and see what others are doing, what are their roles and how do they act?

And sometimes your Manager just isn’t going to be that person you can bounce off. So, what about paying a coach to help you?

And remember, act like your next role. It will get your into the mind set, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll transition.



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