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From a young age I couldn’t wait to work. Earn my own money, get dressed up in corporate wear and make it up to CEO one day. But in my first full time corporate role at 19, I realised that life in the corporate world wasn’t as glamorous as it seemed. I learned very quickly that regardless of how good or how ambitious you were, sometimes it didn’t matter. What mattered was how you fitted in to a culture, followed the unwritten rules, how you networked in your office and what boss you had to support you. As much as I dislike politics and wish people would tell it like it is more, and reward those who genuinely kick ass in their roles, these areas can’t be avoided if you want to progress.

For those who work in the corporate world, we spend so much of our precious time working for someone else. So why not make the most of it and be the most fabulous business woman you can be? Are you aware of the unwritten rules? Are you a superstar employee but just aren’t being recognised? Do you have amazing ideas that fall on deaf ears? Are you lost and need a bit of direction? Are you even passionate about what you are doing?

I’m a big believer in self reflection and continuing to learn and develop personally. With most situations, I always look at myself and ask how can I do better? How could I of changed my approach to get a better outcome? I agree that sometimes, no matter how much self development you do it could be others that need the help! But, you can still control how you respond.

In the last 10 years there’s been hard lessons I’ve learned across different workplaces that has helped me be a better business woman (and person). Failures = quicker learning. And there’s also great qualities I naturally posses that has gotten me to where I am too. We all have our strengths and areas for further growth. And that’s the purpose of this blog.

Learn. Share. Empower. Grow.